Air Handling units

BEECLIMA LTD is exclusive marine agent of KLIMALLCO SA

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With over 25 years of global experience, our staff have put their heart and soul into quality, technical support and building long term cooperation’s according to international market needs.

Our target is always to achieve complete customer satisfaction by offering innovative products and services.With a wide range of products we are able to satisfy the specifications of the largest construction projects.

Our management team is able to understand the individual needs of it's customers. We have provided systems to operate in extreme weather conditions – from the humid heat of the Middle East  to the freezing Arctic conditions of the Siberian winter.

Products are manufactured at the new purpose-built factory strategically placed near Athens on the motorway to Southern Greece.


  • Klimallco's quality management system is certified from Loyd's Register Quality Assurance, according to ISO 9001:2008.


  • The Air Handling Units MDK series is certified from Eurovent Certification Certita (Certification Diploma N15.10.007).


  • Finally the whole range of our products comform with the directives of the Council of the European Community (CE).


  • Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T.) by DNV-GL upon request.
App features
A constantly evolving company Klimallco's Marine Air Handling Units have been designed and built to meet all possible requirements for marine air conditioning systems, in full compliance with the most stringent health and safety regulations.

Each unit includes standard modular sections, allowing maximum liberty in the selection of the air handling plant, and providing total comfort in the areas of utilization. Adopting state of the art technology, all units are fully assembled in our facilities for stringent vibration and performance tests along with certifications on the motor-fan assembly.

Units can be delivered semi or totally dismandled in order to be fully assembled inside the ship's fan rooms UPON REQUEST.
Casing Frame

The casing frame is constructed of heavy extruded anodized Aluminum profiles with the casing frame is constructed of heavy extruded anodized Aluminum profiles with Thermal bridging factor TB3, jointed together by means of special corner piecesmade of PA6 solar radiation resistant glass reinforced poly amide, meetingexcellent mechanical characteristics.


The profiles are fixed on the corner pieces viaAllen type head screws, that are completely hidden, thus creating an aesthetically perfect box.

The profiles themselves are thermally insulated, built in two pieces joinmeans of synthetic bars. Thus any metal contact and therefore heat transferbetween the internal part of the unit and the environment is completely blocked.Air tightness is ensured by a double gasket system.

The internal gasket profile isinserted in the profile though a special slot and the internal part of the panels arethus completely isolated. Another external EPDM gasket is used where panels are fixed on the casing. This double gasket system has been designed for both positiveand negative pressures in the unit.

Three different types of profiles are used, one atthe unit length and ends, one at the boxes junction and finally a panel separatingomega profile for lengthy boxes.


The internal surface of the unit is completely flat and very easy to clean. There are no internal frames or other projections. Aluminum profile casingframe is suitable for 50 or 60mm panel thickness.


Upon request casing frame of AISI 316 closed type stainless steel profiles with AISI 316 special construction corners can be provided for panel thickness of 45mm.